W Profiles


Possibility of production in special lengths to suit your demand.


ASTM A6 /A 6M- 07


Tolerances: A 6/A 6M – 07

W Beams structural profiles are especially used in the construction of solar energy systems and steel construction buildings, but also in reinforced concrete structures for the purpose of supporting the structure. The W beams, used in the carrier systems in the solar energy systems constructions can be delivered in accordance with the project with hot-dip galvanized coating in the desired coating thickness, although the project-specific machining, welded production is made.

One of the advantages of W beams is that the flanges are thicker than the web. This aids in resisting bend stress.

Profile Size
  • W 6x4x7
  • W 6x4x7,75
  • W 6x4x8,5
  • W 6x4x9
  • W 6x4x10,4
  • W 6x4x12
  • W 6x4x16
  • W 6x6x15
  • W 6x6x20
  • W 6x6x25
  • W 8x4x10
  • W 8x4x13
  • W 8x4x15
  • W 8x5,25x18
  • W 8x5,25x21