Kocaer Service Center

Cut to Length

With nearly 60 different quality and over 12.000 product types, steel profiles produced in accordance with many standards and customer special measurement demands are offered by cutting to length in requested and project-specific dimensions.


We serve sectors such as Mining, Tunneling, Steel Structure, Solar Energy etc. with 2 automatic CNC controlled punch machines, 2  pieces of 100 Ton Hydraulic Press, 100 Ton Eccentric Press, 250 Ton Hydraulic Press and 150 Ton Horizontal Bending Press.


In Kocaer Galvanizing Factory, hot-dip galvanizing service is provided with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons in accordance with EN ISO 1461 and ASTM A 123 standards. With a pool width of 13.000mm x 1.600mm x 3.500mm, galvanization process specific to energy transmission line poles, solar energy construction, steel structures and all other steel materials is carried out.

Sanblasting & Painting

After the SAE 21/2 surface sandblasting process with a machine chamber of 1.500mm x 450m, it is cleaned with chemical liquids and two coats of paint are applied on the primer and painting is carried out according to RAL codes.


Our bench track; It consists of 3 CNC Lathes, 2 CNC Vertical Machining, 2 Borwerk, 10 Universal Lathes, 4 Milling, 4 Planers, 3 Radial Drills and 3 Band Saws. We serve Kocaer and other private companies in our facility with a closed area of 1,500 sqm.


We provide project-based final products for the solar energy sector with our three roll-forming machine line, which has an annual capacity of 45,000 tons. We can handle base widths 80-300mm, flange widths 40-100mm and thicknesses of 1.5-4.5mm.

Welded Manufacturing

In the Welded Manufacturing unit within the scope of Kocaer Service Center, productions are carried out in accordance with electric Arc, Mig-Mag and Submerged Submerged arc welding methods. Welded production of our hot rolled products and other iron-steel products is carried out in accordance with the standards and delivered as the final product, in line with the project-specific and customer demands. In particular, welded manufacturing of steel structures, special facility construction, solar energy construction systems, mine and tunnel support systems is carried out with fixtures and certified personnel suitable for the project.

Cold Forming

In a closed area of 6,000 sqm, we serve the Mining and Tunneling sectors with 4 CNC Controlled Cylinder Bending Machines, Eccentric Press, and 150 Ton Horizontal Bending Press, as well as products and accessories designed specifically for gallery sections.