Kocaer Steel, which lays solid foundations in all areas of life and adds value to lives, stands out among the companies that are desired to work in the sector with the importance it attaches to personnel experiences. As a result of our individual-centered working principles and communication-oriented company culture, we aim to offer a great working environment and experience.

1. Recruitment

As Kocaer Steel, we take into account the compliance of criteria such as knowledge, competence and experience with the company principles and ensure their participation in the job candidates through the stages we apply in the recruitment processes.

2. Orientation Program

In order to adapt to the Kocaer culture quickly, we take our colleagues who have participated in the new job to the orientation program and provide detailed information on human resources practices, working environment and social opportunities.

3. Continuous Improvement

We aim to carry the business competencies and personal developments to the highest level by making plans that will make the development of our colleagues continuous. In this context, we are creating a structure that offers solutions by renewing our practical applications.

4. Feedback and Evaluation

We believe that feedback and evaluations in business life are of high importance. In addition to the numerical dimensions of performance and success criteria, we carefully monitor employee insights and take necessary actions.

5. Career Journey

The career journey at Kocaer is always based on future-oriented innovations and continuous improvement principles. We embrace the dreams of our colleagues and provide them with the greatest support in the career path they want to shape.