Investor Relations


Kocaer Steel, one of the largest industrial companies in Turkey, is one of the leading facilities in Turkey and Europe that carries out steel profile manufacturing, service center and galvanization coating operations in an integrated structure, with its factories and renewable energy facility in İzmir Aliağa. Focusing on the development and production of products that are difficult and limited in production in the world, with more than 60 years of experience and knowledge, the company offers more than 12 thousand value-added products in various types, sizes and thicknesses, in quality with nearly 60 different chemical compositions.

It serves its customers in the structural steel, transportation, machinery manufacturing, agriculture, shipbuilding and defense industries, primarily in the solar energy, energy and mining sectors, with personalized products tailored to their needs. Kocaer Steel, which has been the uninterrupted export champion of the Aegean Region in its own sector for 5 years with its exports to 140 countries in 6 continents, also plays a leading role in the sector with its R&D, digital transformation and sustainability studies at international standards.

Aiming to continuously increase stakeholder value within the scope of investor relations, Kocaer Steel continues to work with its Investor Relations Department, focusing on informing investors accurately, providing up-to-date information and answering their questions in a transparent manner.

500 M. U.S. Dollar Revenue
3 Steel Profile Factory
800 K. TONs / YEAR capacıty