Life in Kocaer

The valuable ties established by the people of Kocaer in the field of work and business spread to all areas of life, creating a special culture. Kocaer Culture presents a human-oriented vision in every aspect of life with its reliable and long-term relationships, sharing structure, innovative perspective and offering brand new experiences.

Social Clubs

The people of Kocaer share their endless life energy and joy at every point of their life, apart from their working areas. Social club activities add vitality to both our work and our lives.

Kocaer Orchestra

We believe in the value of moments where we can breathe and socialize in our busy working life. With the Kocaer Orchestra Program we started for this purpose, we both strengthen the communication of our employees with each other, improve our teamwork skills and experience the happiness of being together with our families with special performances.

People and Development

With the awareness that our most valuable asset is our colleagues, we constantly invest in their personal and professional development. From online applications to training programs, from open innovation platforms to award programs, we strive to equip our employees with the qualifications and competencies that they can take on wider responsibilities in our future.
As Kocaer Steel, we work in a corporate culture where appreciation is made within the community and criticism is made face-to-face. We appreciate the people and teams that contribute to our success with our different rewarding programs, both financially and morally.