For Galvanized Profiles For Energy Systems


W and IPE Profiles

W and IPE profiles are called wide beam structural profiles and are used especially in the construction of steel structures, as well as in reinforced concrete structures to support the structure and in energy systems. In energy systems, services are provided for profiles that have been cut to length specific to the project, drilled and galvanized. It is used in agricultural machinery, automotive, energy and industrial applications, along with its use in all areas of the structure that forms the structure in low and high altitude structures.

Manufacturing Process

W profiles are produced by hot rolling method in accordance with the requirements of ASTM standards. Then the poses are cut in lengths according to customer demand. Hot Rolled profiles are taken into the Stock of the Service Center and subjected to manufacturing processes as required by technical drawings and customer demand specific work items.

Galvanizing Process

The products, which are cut in accordance with the lengths in the project material list and then made ready for galvanization by performing the project-specific manufacturing steps, are subjected to galvanization process in accordance with the relevant standards. At the same time, coating thickness can be applied according to customer demand. Galvanizing processes are carried out in accordance with ASTM A123 and EN-ISO 1461 standards.

Packaging and Logistics Operation

Kcr turkey labeled products, all manufacturing processes of which have been completed, are packed in appropriate quantities according to the project and are tied with tapes at intervals in accordance with the standards and customer demand in each package. Our company, which keeps the necessary equipment and operational processes under control to ensure transportation safety, makes the necessary arrangements in the container and each container is checked. Prepared batches are shipped to the customer by road, rail and sea.

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