Kocaer Management and Excellence System (KYMS)

Kocaer designed and implemented an operational excellence and management system in line with its own internal dynamics and management philosophy, together with best practice examples on a global scale, with its knowledge and experience.

Adopting the principle of management with long-term strategic goals and business plans, Kocaer Çelik reviews its strategies every quarter under the leadership of the Strategy Development Committee and takes actions.

Management by Processes is implemented with an integrated systematic perspective in all disciplines and studies are carried out for operational business excellence.

At this stage, a methodology developed by the company is used. The improvement and development of business processes is based on reducing or eliminating losses. For this, lean production/management tools are used.

With the trainings given to blue and white collars within the scope of Kocaer Academy, significant gains are achieved by constantly improving awareness and knowledge level within the scope of lean production and management. Creating value for customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders is among the most important goals with KYMS, which aims the corporate sustainability of the company and its existence by creating added value to the country's economy for real generations.

Digital transformation is prioritized in all processes and important investments and projects are implemented in this sense. The sustainability of KYMS is coordinated within the established committees. (such as Voice of customer (VOC)-Digital transformation-Lean transformation-Autonomous Maintenance-Kaizen-Strategy Development-Education-Idea Management-Project Management Committee)