With more than 60 years of experience, qualified workforce and sustainable growth strategy, KOCAER Çelik acts as a successful Turkish brand in the global arena with the aim of being a pioneer and an example to the society.

In every step it takes and in everything it does, it always aims to add value to the national economy and its employees.

With its product, service and commercial experience, KOCAER Çelik continues to realize its planned investments without compromising its innovative, quality-oriented, environmentally friendly, sustainable and perfectionist values.

Operating in the steel profile segment of the iron and steel industry, Kocaer Çelik is the export champion of the Aegean Region in the iron and steel industry with foreign currency-indexed sales revenue of over USD 500 million and exports close to USD 400 million, and is the company with the highest steel profile exports for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

With an 800,000 tons/year steel profile capacity, Kocaer Çelik currently manufactures in a total area of 280,000 m², 85,000 m² of which is closed, with 3 steel profile factories, 1 Galvanizing Factory, 1 Service Center and a renewable electricity generation facility with a capacity of 15 million kWh/year and provides direct employment to approximately 1,000 people.

Kocaer Çelik is one of Turkey's leading steel profile manufacturers in its segment with over 12,000 products in various types, sizes and thicknesses containing chemical compositions of over 60 different qualities, together with the value-added products added to its product portfolio. The company manufactures high-strength, special quality, different sizes, special lengths and sections of steel profiles for customers operating in the solar energy infrastructure, energy transmission line, structural steel, transportation, mining, tunneling, shipbuilding, agriculture, machinery manufacturing and defense industry sectors and sells them through export, domestic and international distribution channel established in 2015 in the United Kingdom, which is the first in the industry.

Kocaer Çelik started to provide cut-to-length, drilling, welding and cold forming services on steel profiles at its 120,000 tons/year capacity Service Center, as well as zinc coating services at its 100,000 tons/year capacity hot-dip Galvanizing Plant, which was commissioned in 2022. The Galvanizing Plant is one of the leading facilities in Turkey and Europe that performs steel profile manufacturing, service center and galvanizing processes in an integrated structure.


The company started production with its first factory established on an area of 3.000 sqm in Denizli.


Aliaga -1 (A1) Factory, which is a thick section steel production factory with an annual capacity of 300.000 tons, was established on a total area of 32.500 sqm, 21.000 sqm of which is closed space, in Aliağa district of Izmir.


Aliaga -2 (A2) Factory, which is a medium section steel profile production factory with an annual capacity of 300.000 tons, was established on a total area of 186.000 sqm, 34.000 sqm of which is closed space, in Aliağa district of Izmir.


Kocaer Steel UK Company, which performs the distribution of iron steel products with its warehouses located in United Kingdom, has was established. The first R&D Centre of the Sector was established through the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Service Centre started its activities.


The company was included in Turquality, which is the first and only state-sponsored branding program of the world, by the Ministry of Commerce.


Aliaga -3 (A3) Factory, which is a thin section steel profile production factory with an annual capacity of 200.000 tons, was established on a total area of 41.000 sqm, 18.000 sqm of which is closed space, in Aliağa district of Izmir.


The company won the first prize in Turkey in the R&D category of the Efficiency Project Awards organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The company won the first prize in the Innovation category of the 2017 SAP Quality Awards, through its SAP S4/HANA Project. The company won the second prize in the Smart Manufacturing category of the 2017 IDC Industry 4.0, through its MES (Digital Production System) Project.


The company was entitled to receive the AWARD FOR THE BIGGEST EXPORTER OF THE AEGEAN REGION in the "Shining Stars of Export Awards" organized by the Aegean Exporters' Association in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, for four consecutive years. The company won the second prize in Turkey in the "Project Capacity" category, and the third price in Turkey in the "A Grade R&D Centres" category at the R&D Centres Summit of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.


Credit rating of the Company was determined as A, as a result of the evaluation made by the JCR (Japan Credit Rating), a credit rating agency. Within the scope of the project for reducing the carbon footprint, the solar energy investments were completed to ensure that approximately 30% of the total consumption is met by clean and renewable energy sources.


Establishment of the Hot-Dip Galvanisation Factory with an annual capacity of 100.000 tons on a on a total closed space of 11.000 m² in Aliağa district of Izmir was completed, and the investment needed to increase the annual capacity of the Service Centre to 120.000 tons was also completed.



Kocaer Steel in Figures:

• USD 533 million turnover

• USD 393 million Export

• 3 Steel Profile Plants with 800,000 tons/year Capacity

• 100,000 Ton/Year Capacity with 1 Galvanizing Plant

• 120,000 tons/year Capacity with 1 Steel Service Center

• 15 million kWh/year electricity production (renewable solar energy)

• Turkey's 96th largest company in the private sector (ISO 500 - 2021)

• Turkey's 62nd largest exporter (ISO 500 - 2021)

• Aegean Region Iron and Steel Export Champion (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

• Export to 140 countries in 6 continents

• Over 12000 product types and nearly 60 different quality products

• First R&D Center in its sector

• The first company in its sector to be included in the Turquality program

• Integrated SAP Management (ERP) for All Processes

• 2021 GRI Approved Sustainability Report

• Nearly 1000 employees