The First Turkish Brand to Implement Robotic Packaging System in its Sector; Kocaer Steel

Kocaer Çelik, which is among the largest industrial establishments in Turkey and provides significant foreign currency inflows for our country with its exporter identity, produces energy, transportation, mining, tunnels, ships with its three factories in the Izmir region producing hot rolled steel profiles with an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons. becomes a solution partner for the construction, machinery manufacturing, agriculture and structural steel industries.

Being the first company to implement the Robotic Packaging system in the Turkish steel industry, Kocaer Çelik established all three production facilities within its own structure with its strong engineer staff and R&D studies during the transition to new generation packaging systems. It was successfully commissioned in its A1 factory in 2015 and surpassed Turkey's leading companies in the category of large-scale enterprises at the Efficiency Project Awards of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2017. Realizing a first in its sector, it was deemed worthy of the first prize.

After the automatic packaging system, digitalization, productivity, workforce and employee health and safety were the decisive points in the transition to the robotic packaging system at the A2 facility. As of 2020, with the gains brought by the robotic systems that were successfully put into use in the A2 factory, it started the robotic packaging project for the A3 facility.

Kocaer Çelik leads the sector by commissioning the robotic packaging system and carries out important projects in the transition from manpower to the system with the digitalization investments made in accordance with the smart factory concept. All processes are effectively optimized and managed with artificial intelligence applications and data-based decision support systems. In this context, it implements methodologies designed by itself to become a company that will increase operational excellence in all processes and be managed with strategies, processes, targets and lean production philosophy.

Thanks to its approach that supports the self-confidence of the employees and cares about the entrepreneurial and innovative understanding, Kocaer Çelik continues its activities in integration with the basic requirements of the Industry 4.0 era. Kocaer Çelik, which manages all its processes with SAP, received the first prize in the innovation category in 2017. The confirmations of the production work orders of the robots on the packaging lines can be obtained automatically with the SAP MII system.


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