Quality Control Employee
Quality Control Employee
Quality Control Test Equipment
Quality Control Test Equipment
Traceability at Every Stage
Traceability at Every Stage
Independent Control and Inspection Mechanism
Independent Control and Inspection Mechanism
Customer Satisfaction Technical Service System
Customer Satisfaction Technical Service System
Low Turnover and High Experience
Low Turnover and High Experience


Prior to feeding to manufacturing, steel billets are subject to the following controls:

  • Visual checks for cracks, fissures, plies, slag, etc. surface defects,
  • Compliance of cross-section dimensions with specifications, and rhombicity check,
  • Quantity, length, straightforwardness, etc. controls,
  • Macroetching controls aimed at detection of billet internal defects (oxidation, pin holes, blow holes, etc.).


In all stages of production;

  • Measures, dimensions and tolerance conformity measurements determined by the standards are made and all operational processes are monitored and recorded in the online system.


At the end of the production line;

  • Final controls according to customer specific requirements and standard requirements,
  • Control of the product's straightening and packaging conditions,is recorded in the production system.


KOCAER has 3 production facilities and R & D Center equipped with the latest technology and laboratory infrastructure. The requirements of the Quality Management System and International standards are meticulously applied, controlled and monitored. The following tests can be performed within our laboratory infrastructure:

  • Chemical Spectral Analysis
  • Tensile Testing
  • Charpy V-Notch Impact Test,
  • Bend Test,
  • Microstructure and grain size measurements,
  • Decarburization and Residue tests,
  • Hardness Measurements,
  • Ultrasonic crack controls,

Samples taken from all tested products are kept as witness samples for our customers for 1 year.


End-to-end traceability system has been developed for all production, storage and transport stages starting from raw material entry, and live system can be monitored with the data collected from all processes instantly. All transactions created within this framework can be recorded and all information can be obtained within the barcode system. Products are labeled with barcode system created within the framework of process records. The whole process from the raw material stage of the product to the delivery of the customer can be monitored and documented..