2 Award in the category of Iron and Steel Industries took only KOCAER!

November 2019

Leader of the Firsts in Iron and Steel Sector

Kocaer continues its success in 2015 with the first R & D Center in its sector approved by the Ministry in 2015. In 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Technology received the first prize in the Efficiency Project Awards in the Large-Scale Enterprises category and the first and only award in the iron and steel industry. KOCAER received awards in two categories within the 7th Technology Development Zones and R & D Centers Awards.

KOCAER R & D Center, all sectors in Turkey and R & D Centers in Project Capacity Group with 2nd prize in the category of A group R & D Center category by acquiring the 3rd rank in awards in the iron and steel sector in the summit has been the only company.

KOCAER R & D Center has implemented many national and international projects under the headings of designing and developing new products, developing new production methods and technologies, and improving and developing processes according to the strategic plans it has established in the short, medium and long term, and formed strategies for future periods. It has proved its success with the projects completed within the R & D Center and has achieved many awards and achievements by signing firsts in the iron and steel industry.

Aegean Region's Largest Exporter

The largest exporter in the Aegean region in Turkey in the sector and the private sector ranking 50th in KOCAER Exporters position, again by signing a policy in recent years has been included in the Ministry of Economy Turquality programme. Along with the importance it attaches to exports, the Company carried out its activities in the R & D Center to develop new products and technologies that will bring added value to our country, and undertook successful projects, increasing its competitiveness in its exports to approximately 130 countries and became a global brand as a Turkish brand

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